Archix, s.r.o.

Zábrdovická 16a, 615 00 Brno, Czech Republic

ARCHIX Ltd. is focused on designing activity in the sphere of buildings and interiors, working on projects of a new flats and industrial buildings, including interiors. Integral part is furniture design. The primary focus is on perfect visual art and technical encompassment of a detail, interesting work with material and individual approach to each one project. Creative solutions of projects reflects up-to-date trends in architecture of home and foreign scene. Architectural agency is providing project documentation in all steps including engineering, creation of implementary documentation and personal participation during product implementation on the base of author or investor supervision.

Atelier was established in 2000 as an association of individuals called ATELIER 4M. In 2006 the ATELIER 4M was changed into a company ARCHIX Ltd.

Brokers of the company:
Milan Podroužek and Martin Kubeš.



Ing. arch. Milan Podroužek
head architect
Ing. arch. Martin Kubeš
head architect

Ing. Roman Koplík
Ing. arch. Jana Burešová
Ing. arch. Hana Vinohradská